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The Power of Connection

It is critical that children learn to build connections in community, to establish healthy social relationships early in childhood and throughout their lives. Every aspect of their health and well-being depends on it: physical, mental, behavior, psychosocial, spiritual, and more.


How to Battle Teen Bullying

By taking steps to address bullying as it happens, you can help prevent difficult mental health conditions from developing in bullying victims, as well as in bullies themselves. And combating bullying through implementing anti-bullying strategies as a community can promote healthy awareness and even prevent bullying before it starts. 


3 Phases Experienced During Treatment

When your teen is struggling, you want to keep them safe and happy. But it can be hard to know what to do when their emotions or reactions are big and overwhelming. Understanding the three phases experienced during treatment can help you support your teen and yourself during this time of stabilization and trauma processing.


Combatting Anxiety in Kids

There’s no doubt that mental health issues like anxiety are on the rise among children and adolescents. As parents, it can be hard to know what to do when your child experiences anxiety or depression. Is mental health in kids just part of growing up, or is it something you should be concerned about and have treated by a professional? If you’re wondering what causes anxiety in kids, how to help anxiety in kids, or how to help depression in kids, we are here to help.


Holidays Away from Home

As a parent, you might be hesitant for your child to spend the holidays away from home, thinking it better to wait until the new year.


Mental Health: Prevention vs. Treatment

With people suffering from isolation, anxiety, and burnout on a large scale, mental health became a regular topic of conversation in the public sector, reducing the stigma and allowing care options to expand. But as mental health issues remain prevalent, important questions need to be answered: Is mental health treatment enough? What about mental health prevention?

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