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How Our Brain Center Helps Regulate Anxiety

Have you struggled with anxiety this week? Perhaps you’re even feeling anxious right now about some extenuating circumstance as you read this. For many, dealing with anxiety or mood disorders like depression can become common, everyday experiences, especially among young people.


What Are ZYNs and Are They Safe?

There are conflicting opinions about ZYN safety and its effects on your brain and body. Let’s take a closer look at how ZYNs work, their appeal, and potential risks to your health.


Why Pediatricians Are Filling in for Psychiatrists

As pediatric mental health issues have risen in the United States over the past several years, the supply of child psychiatrists and therapists has not kept up with demand. This has put pediatricians, often with little training in child psychiatry, squarely on the frontlines of the mental health crisis among our nation’s youth.


The Power of Connection

It is critical that children learn to build connections in community, to establish healthy social relationships early in childhood and throughout their lives. Every aspect of their health and well-being depends on it: physical, mental, behavior, psychosocial, spiritual, and more.


How to Battle Teen Bullying

By taking steps to address bullying as it happens, you can help prevent difficult mental health conditions from developing in bullying victims, as well as in bullies themselves. And combating bullying through implementing anti-bullying strategies as a community can promote healthy awareness and even prevent bullying before it starts. 


3 Phases Experienced During Treatment

When your teen is struggling, you want to keep them safe and happy. But it can be hard to know what to do when their emotions or reactions are big and overwhelming. Understanding the three phases experienced during treatment can help you support your teen and yourself during this time of stabilization and trauma processing.

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