Help for trauma, mental health, substance use, and more

Treating the Whole Person

Our patients aren’t problems to be fixed, they are multi-faceted individuals made up of a variety of traits and talents, shaped by genetics, their experiences, and their surroundings. They may be facing some adversity or have made some missteps, but we know they can overcome those issues, whether they’re the result of trauma, mental health disorders, addiction or something else. It just takes the right approach.


Neglect, bullying, sexual or physical abuse, the loss of a loved one, divorce, adoption — any of these can cause trauma, leaving a painful imprint. Experiencing trauma during childhood, while the brain is still developing, can have severe and long-lasting effects. When left untreated, the negative effects extend into adulthood.

Mental Health

Trauma and addiction can negatively impact mental health, causing new issues or making existing ones worse. At the same time, conditions like ADHD, bipolar, anxiety, or depression can lead to self-medicating to manage unwanted symptoms. Because these conditions are often intertwined, it’s important that they are treated together.

Substance Use

In the teen years, experimenting with drugs and alcohol may seem like a rite of passage, but substance use can go from recreational to problematic very quickly. Add in a teen’s natural sense of invincibility, and it’s a recipe for disaster. The still developing brain can also have trouble regulating things like technology, online gambling, or porn, leading to a different kind of addiction.

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Finding the Right Fit

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