Food is fuel for health

You Really Are What You Eat

Studies show a clear link between mental health and diet, and we know food also affects the way that we heal. Proper nutrition is even more important during the teen years. That’s why our goal is to serve food that not only tastes good but provides proper fuel to aid in the recovery process.

Teens in [one] study who ate a low-quality diet had an 80% higher risk of depression in comparison to those who ate a higher-quality, whole-foods diet

US News & World Report


Our kitchen staff creates meal plans that emphasize foods shown to help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression while boosting mental health. They also choose high-quality produce and local, organic food when possible. And there is a focus on ingredients associated with better gut health, which has been found to help boost mental health and may play a role in mood and behavior.

Highlights include:

  • Attention to foods that help with gut health
  • High-quality fruits and vegetables
  • A goal of using 50% whole/intact grains
  • A focus on omega-3 fatty acids
  • Local organic, grass-fed, and wild food sources when possible
  • Limiting the use of processed foods and sugar

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