Learning doesn’t need to take a vacation

Barriers to Learning

It’s hard to focus on school and succeed academically if you’re dealing with unresolved trauma, mental health issues, or addiction. Even before the COVID pandemic, depression, self-harm, anxiety, and substance use were on the rise in US high schools. Now, in the aftermath, many teens are struggling to get back on track. Taking the time to get help for these issues could result in greater academic success in the long run.  

Overall, 37% of students at public and private high schools reported that their mental health was not good most of the time during the pandemic.

the CDC’s Adolescent Behaviors and Experiences Survey

Bringing School to You

Academic progress doesn’t have to be paused while someone seeks help from us. We have a certified teacher on-site and we will work directly with the school district, private school, or charter program to facilitate course work so no one misses a beat. We will work with students at their own pace, not with traditional class periods.


The Future Starts Now

Our admissions specialists are skilled at helping potential patients, loved ones, and referring professionals find the right treatment fit. A simple call can get the process started.