For Families

For Families

Everything loved ones should know

Whole Family Healing

While one member of the family has been singled out for treatment, the entire family has been impacted. The willingness of family members to be involved in their loved one’s treatment experience is critical to the patient’s recovery. That’s why we actively engage the family shortly after admission with our family program and integrate them into the treatment process, in addition to providing guidance and support.

A Note to Parents

We know that no one wants to see their kid struggle, but when your child enters our program, you become part of a network of parents who have been where you are and can offer support. Use our Parent Portal to find resources and help anytime, then join our weekly parent group call for those with teens currently in treatment.

Family Work

Our family program is designed to increase healthy communication, teach skills to set healthy boundaries, and support young adults in their recovery, not in their disease. Our family counselor will provide psychoeducation and resources needed while assessing your needs within the context of the family system. During our onsite family work, the emphasis stretches beyond psychoeducation, incorporating experiential ways of learning with a strong focus on healthy communication.


Treatment may end, but we remain invested in your entire family’s success. That’s why we will work with you long before discharge to ensure you know your aftercare options and have resources in place to support the work your child has already done.

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Finding the Right Fit

Need more information to determine if what we offer fits your needs? Our skilled admissions specialists can help. They will walk you through the process, answering any questions you have along the way.