About Us

About Us

An unmatched passion for helping and healing

You’re Not Alone

No one plans to be here, in need of help but afraid to ask, afraid to hope that things can be different. You’re frustrated, tired, angry, afraid. We understand. We meet parents every day just like you, and we welcome their teens into a treatment program that we firmly believe will change their lives. How do we know? Because we’ve seen it happen again and again … and it can happen for you.

Why Choose Us

When you choose The Meadows, you get industry leaders, expert staff who are passionate about treatment, and a proven model that produces not just temporary change but lasting healing. We’re not the only option, but we believe we’re the best one.

Our Approach

We rely on a variety of treatment modalities to help our patients get the best possible outcomes, from Neurosequential Modeling, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and EMDR to individual and groups sessions, intensive family work, neurofeedback, and more. We also incorporate a wide range of activities to enhance the treatment process, taking advantage of our natural surroundings. Education remains a priority while in treatment as well, and we work directly with private, public, and charter schools so students don’t miss a beat.


Highly trained but down-to-earth pros

Senior Fellows

The experts who inform our program


Answers to your questions

The Future Starts Now

Our admissions specialists are skilled at helping potential patients, loved ones, and referring professionals find the right treatment fit. A simple call can get the process started.