Healing happens in a variety of settings

A Comprehensive, Caring Program

Treatment at The Meadows Adolescent Center doesn’t consist of endless therapy sessions. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Our comprehensive program has many facets, from a wide range of proven therapy methods to outdoor and experiential options, and complementary therapies like neurofeedback that help enhance the treatment process. We know teens learn and grow the most when they’re challenged, engaged, and inspired, so our program aims to do just that.

Types of Therapy

We rely on a variety of modalities that allow patients to play an active role in the treatment process and gain insight about themselves. Proven clinical methods are paired with peer accountability, family work, neurofeedback, and more.


Our program also incorporates a wide range of activities to enhance the treatment process. We take advantage of our beautiful outdoor spaces and the natural surroundings for hikes and trail rides as well as equine therapy, ropes courses, and expressive arts.


We work directly with private, public, and charter schools to make sure students continue their education while they’re with us. The goal is not just to keep them from falling behind, but to ensure they continue learning and don’t miss a beat. 


We know that expecting most teens to live without devices isn’t realistic. Computers, cell phones, and other technology are part of life. That’s why, after a blackout period, we reintroduce tech and teach them to practice sustainable usage.

Brain Center

Our on-site Brain Center’s primary offering is neurofeedback, led by a trained technician. We also use Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and other evidence-based techniques, all aimed at relieving anxiety and calming the brain naturally.

Meals & Nutrition

What we eat can affect the way we heal, so our kitchen staff creates meal plans that emphasize foods shown to help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression while boosting mental health. They also choose high-quality produce and local, organic food when possible.

Nature in Morristown, AZ

Finding the Right Fit

Need more information to determine if what we offer fits your needs? Our skilled admissions specialists can help. They will walk you through the process, answering any questions you have along the way.