The Meadows Adolescent Center

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The Meadows Adolescent Center

Life-changing residential treatment for teen boys 13-17

What We Offer

The Meadows Adolescent Center provides life-changing residential treatment for teen boys 13-17, addressing trauma, substance use issues, and mental health conditions. Understanding that teens learn and grow the most when they’re challenged, engaged, and inspired, our comprehensive program includes a wide range of proven therapy methods, from group and one-on-one sessions to outdoor and experiential options alongside complementary therapies like neurofeedback that help enhance the treatment process.

Miike Gurr - Executive Director

What We Treat

We find that most patients are dealing with a mix of trauma, addiction, and mental health issues.

Areas we address include:

  • Childhood trauma
  • Abandonment
  • Mood disorders
  • ADHD
  • Self-harm
  • Drug addiction issues
  • Alcohol addiction issues
  • Behavioral issues
  • Relational issues
  • Technology overdependence

Our Proven Model

To really understand and address a problem, we need to identify the underlying conditions and root causes. We use in-depth assessments to help us determine the treatment modalities best suited to each patient’s specific needs. It may sound clinical, but treatment isn’t confined to a therapist’s office — growth and healing happen here in a wide range of settings, both indoors and out.

The Meadows Difference

The Meadows’ history of healing extends more than 45 years, treating a wide range of age groups and conditions. The Meadows Adolescent Center takes that proven model and applies it to the unique issues this age group faces. With a low patient-to-staff ratio and input from the leading experts in the industry, we are uniquely able to help teens develop the skills necessary to change what isn’t working and find lasting healing.

Change IS possible. There is a path out of where you are now, no matter how bad it seems. Not only have I seen teens change, but I’ve seen generational shifts where whole families and then former patients’ kids benefit because of their time in treatment.


Pond at The Meadows Adolescent Center

Our Campus

The Meadows Adolescent Center is located high on a hill in Arizona’s scenic Sonoran Desert. The 120-acre property features hiking trails, an infinity pool with a slide and hot tub, a basketball court, workout center, horses on site for trail rides, a ropes course, and other activity-based treatment.

For Families

We believe in whole family treatment, so while a teen is going through our program, family members are learning and growing as well. That includes education, resources, extensive family work, and a solid aftercare plan to ensure the progress made continues back at home.

Nature in Morristown, AZ

Finding the Right Fit

Need more information to determine if what we offer fits your needs? Our skilled admissions specialists can help. They will walk you through the process, answering any questions you have along the way.