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Combatting Anxiety in Kids

There’s no doubt that mental health issues like anxiety are on the rise among children and adolescents. As parents, it can be hard to know what to do when your child experiences anxiety or depression. Is mental health in kids just part of growing up, or is it something you should be concerned about and have treated by a professional? If you’re wondering what causes anxiety in kids, how to help anxiety in kids, or how to help depression in kids, we are here to help.


Mental Health: Prevention vs. Treatment

With people suffering from isolation, anxiety, and burnout on a large scale, mental health became a regular topic of conversation in the public sector, reducing the stigma and allowing care options to expand. But as mental health issues remain prevalent, important questions need to be answered: Is mental health treatment enough? What about mental health prevention?


How to Discipline a Depressed Teenager

Parenting a teenager with depression is more common than you think and presents its own unique set of challenges. Among those considerations is how to discipline a depressed teenager.


ADHD in Boys

For boys, ADHD can be a critical factor in their propensity to use substances and engage in risk-taking behavior early in life. Understanding and treating ADHD is important for helping teens and young men develop healthy coping skills.


How to Help with School Avoidance Disorder

School avoidance has become a growing concern for parents and educators as more and more children are experiencing anxiety resulting in physical symptoms that make them feel incapable of attending school.

What does school avoidance look like, and how is it tied to anxiety? Furthermore, why is it happening and how can you help a child who is struggling?


Youth Mental Health: Why the ER Isn’t Best

If you have a child who is struggling with mental or behavioral health issues, you’ll do anything to get them the help they need. There’s no one more committed than a parent whose child needs help; you will stop at nothing to care for your child, including taking children to the emergency room when they need psychiatric care.

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